Nippon Connection Film Festival in Germany

Because of the pandemic, 20th Nippon Connection Film Festival will be held all online.

I never visited to Germany so it was unfortunate this happened. But, they made an effort to make festival fun! They have online events such as concerts, cooking, and lectures. 

Quick link to the page to my film is here.  They interviewed me for 40min and I sent a short introduction video. It’s all on this page (free).

They also posted a blog: Guest in Focus.

I picked three subjects and wrote in English and Japanese:

Where did you get the idea for your latest film?

What was the biggest challenge while making your latest film?

What are some challenges women especially are faced with in the world of Japanese filmmaking?

I will be part of a live event “Female Futures?“on June 11th. Three Japanese director, including myself, will discuss about the theme. It will be in Japanese with English translation.